This is The Last War.

This campaign will try to take the players through the conflict from start to end, in a series of highlighted scenarios, played out by three groups og characters, through the millenia of conflict.

We will be playing via Mumble, a Skype like service and sharing the heavier files via Dropbox.
Both of these service are free and easily downloaded.

Each session will last 3 hours of game time. More than that and my attention will begin to waver and my GM’ing becomes subpar.
I’m hoping to game once a week, ideally on a weekday. Wednesday and Thursday is no good for me, but if none of you can fit in 3 hours of gaming on any other weekday, let me know.

The campaign will be split into 3 timelines, and shift back and forth between them. It will consist of short scenarios, each episode ideally lasting three to six hours gaming time:

First part will take place at the very beginning of the hundred year long conflict, in a world largely unprepared for the empire shattering war.

2nd. Part will be played out as secret service agents, trying to influence the politics and machinations of the various factions to the advantage of their employers.

3rd. Part will show the war from the perspective of the Warforged, when they emerge from the creation forges at the end of the war.

Let me know if you are all happy with this outline.

The Last War

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