Hrolf Von Korth

Ambitious perfectionistic carrer soldier from noble family.


Meet Hrolf Von Korth, Von Korth to his friends.

Hrolf Von Korth is the second son of Baldrian Von Korth, a Karnathi Baron with a bloodline as long as the Khorvaire coastline, and the self awareness that goes with it. Hrolf Von Korth grew up knowing that Karnath is more than a ruling family, more than its people, more even, than its peerless military. Karnath is an ideal. The ideal of being the best. As a man of noble blood Hrolf knows that this goes double for him.
The most important lesson Hrolf has learned in life is, that he is not going to inherit the Barony of Korth. It will pass unto his 8 year older brother Rikart Von Korth, who has been trained his whole life in the machinations of administration. If the name of Hrolf Von Korth is to mean anything in the world, he will have to earn it himself. By being the best.
Hrolf was never as good as Rikart in the fine arts of diplomacy, where his taciturn demeanour left him a clumsy and unable bull in the china shop of innuendo, a feeling that only strengthened Hrolfs unease with life at court. Only when it came to the marshal aspects of a barons duties did Hrolf outshine his older brother. Where Rikart the elegant peacock was perfect at strutting through the dinners, meetings and dances that are such an important part of noble life, he was desperately unsuited for life in the Karnathi military.
During Rikarts mandatory year of military service, unused to anything but feathered beds and mulled wine, he became almost catatonic with fear of the brutal and harsh men under his command, and Baldrian Von Korth spent untold fortunes in bribes, keeping his oldest son’s shortcomings as a commander buried.
Hrolf finally saw an opportunity to shine, and begged his father to hire retired officers to train him in the ways of war. When, at the age of 18 his year of service began, he had already been trained under the most brutal military regimen for 8 years. Hrolf knew how to defend and besiege a castle, how to poison a well, how to stand watch in the cold wet winter nights of Karnath, and most importantly, how to brew beer or strong spirits out of anything, anytime, anywhere.
Having graduated with honours from Karnaths elite military institute Rekkenmark Academy, Hrolf Von Korth is looking to make a name for himself as the best soldier in Khorvaire. Whether it will be in the Karnath military or serving a foreign liege matters not to Hrolf. All that matters is a chance to prove his worth as a warrior and a nobleman.
Not that Hrolf has dreams of overshadowing his older brother and taking the mantle of Baron from him, far from it. As the normally reserved Hrolf will tell you after a few bottles of Von Korths Finest Rotgut, Hrolf knows that Rikart is better suited to managing the barony than he, and would never lay claim to a position where he did not consider himself to be the best choice. After all, what ish the point of being a mediocre baron, when you can be a great soldier, eh? Sochietzy ash a whole ish better served with Rikart ash a, ash a barn, ash a baron, ash a BARON and Hrolf as a scholdier, and so Hrolf will be the best scholdier he can be.



Hrolf Von Korth

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